The Interview

This is funny the guys in the video does a good Job


The video is self explanatory but I will give  you a little more background on this.  Basically this was our best SNL version portraying Kip (we may have exaggerated his character a bit) and PJ’s (spot on with his character) first interview.

Kip and PJ are always telling the story of their first (and only) job interview they had years ago.  When they tell it, it is quite entertaining.  We often have them tell it just to get laughs.  Well, we were having a “get together” at a friend’s house with quite a few people.  So a day earlier a group thought it would be funny and reenact the “interview” (based on true events) of having heard the story many times.  At this “get together” we had Kip and PJ tell the story again to everyone.  Unbeknownst to them, we had the reenactment ready to go in the dvd player.  After they told the story, we pressed…

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