Can’t pick

I can’t pick between Kip Moore and Brett Eldredge it’s like when somebody has two boyfriend or girlfriends and they say I love them both I don’t know witch one to pick. I try to pick one to win new artist of the year but I can’t so I vote for Brett Eldredge one day and Kip Moore the next day so tomorrow it will be Kip Moore turn to get my vote. I know who Brett Eldredge was way before I knew who Kip Moore was. What got me to give Brett Eldredge Raymond a chance was Chris Young and other country singers saying that like the song I never really listen to it till they said something bout it and I can relate to it because I had uncle like the woman in the song. I saw him at the KY and VA fair it made me a bigger fan seeing him live. I got to meet him he’s one of the niece people I met. My favorite song of Brett Eldredge’s is go on without me it makes me think of my great aunt and uncle who was in a car wreck on July 9 2014 because my uncle has to go on without her I like to think she is up there watching over my uncle and the whole family. I hoping hope that I will be with her and the other family members that have moved on. Well Kip Moore I didn’t really know who he was till my aunt said who is the guy that sings marry was the marrying  kind I finally saw the video she was talking about it was Kip Moore I told her who it was someone. Well I have to say I didn’t fall in love with Kip till I saw the somethin bout a truck video and had to look him up on Twitter and Google plus. I got to see him live at the Washington County fair I like him even more after I saw him my whole I love this CD up all night one of my favorite songs is faith when I fall I didn’t get to hear him sing the whole thing live cause he went into free falling I met him but I didn’t get a picture with him just got him to sign my CD. I would love to see Brett and Kip in concert together that will be one rocking show that would be the best day of my live well Greg Bates could open up for them it will be a the best day. I’m a Greg Bates fan too I met him to he’s really nice but I’m not say talking about him it’s Kip and Brett how I can’t pick between them. I wish them both luck at the ACM awards Sunday night. If Kip Moore wins I’ll be happy and if Brett Eldredge I’ll be happy why can’t they both win LOL Good Luck Guys.

me and Brett Eldredge at the VAKYfair

me and Brett Eldredge at the VAKYfair

me getting he's autograph


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