Brett Eldredge talking about finding love online

Brett Eldredge talking about finding love online

I would Date Brett Eldredge but I can’t get him to talk to me  on twitter well I take that back I got him to talk to my 2 times on Twitter and once on FB he comment on a picture of my niece Alyssa when she was 6 months old because I post it on his Face book I bet I couldn’t find it if I went back and look for it. I think Brett would be fun to hangout with. I don’t know if I would date Kip Moore because I have a feeling I would want to smack him sometimes I know by some of Kip’s Tweets that he can be a smart A double SS when he want to be but I say there people out there that makes him want to smart off to him but I have a feel he does smart off to them and don’t hold back LOL I say Kip can make you mad at him a lot if you date him. Brett Eldredge don’t have figured out yet but I want to figured him out I just know that is funny by his tweet and the tweets Brett comes up with I don’t know where they come from but than I again I may not want to get to know him you know what I’m trying well I met both Kip and Brett. Brett Eldrege was more out going than Kip Moore. With Kip I met him after the show I guess he could be out going because they had him behind a table and won’t let us touch him like we would brake him if we tough him well some may have if the hug him really tight. Well Kip did say hi and I said it bad but I sounded like a frog was in my throat because of all the sing. Sometimes a wonder if Kip Moore would be to much like my daddy because something about reminds me of him I just because of the cut of shirt Kip wears. Ok I’m done trying to figure out which one I would date Brett or Kip


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